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My love for community started in 2015 a year after I had relocated to the United States of America. After attending a few meetups I realized it synced with my long term goal of community work and sharing knowledge.

I immediately realized that there was no Azure Meetups in my side of town (Beaverton, OR) as the only active and vibrant one was in down town Portland OR. Traffic was always a problem going down town during rush hour and so Myself and a colleague decided to start one on the west-side in Beaverton, OR this would make it easy for community members on the west side to avoid all the traffic.

Our first 2 meetups surprisingly were well attended and this promoted the organizer of the Portland Azure user group to connect with us. After a few discussion we agreed to merge into one big Azure meetup under the Portland Azure User Group and Co-Organize events across Portland.

After Spending some years in the US I decided to come back home and also bring with me the community spirit, in other not to reinvent the wheel and also from what I had learnt from the US, I connected with the only Microsoft User group I could find for Ghana, the Accra .NET User Group.

I connected with the Organizer (Frank Odoom) and it was clear that we were both aligned with similar goals and vision for community work in Ghana. Fast Forward to now myself, Frank and Nana Yaw are running two of the leading and influential Microsoft communities in the Country.

Accra .NET User Group which is focused on building the Developers on the Microsoft ecosystem and Accra Power Platform User Group the only and Official group which is focused on building Citizen Developers and championing the #lesscodemorepower Revolution in the Ghana and Africa.