UNDP Global #CovidDetectProtect Challenge Grand Prize Winner
21 Aug 2020

UNDP Global #CovidDetectProtect Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Post by sadranyi
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It all started as a simple request from my wife to automate the popular “veronica bucket” into a smart one, five days later the prototype of what would now be a grand prize winning entry was born.

Working with materials that were around the house, I came up with this first prototype that was in my wife’s opinion “over-engineered”.

Initially, I had no intentions of making this public, it was my good friend Ishmael Lamptey, who convinced me to show it off to the world and helped me to record the whole build process.

After the build, I received a notification from Hackster about the UNDP COVID-19 Detect and Protect Challenge, and almost immediately I registered and submitted the project. the project started receiving respect and lots of likes on social media.

After a few months, 350+ Submissions over 60 Countries and over 2,000 participants, I received an email indicating my entry was picked as an impact award winner, wow, that was an exciting news and I could not keep calm, little did I know that the real surprise was yet to come.

Then on the 12th of August, 2020, the entry was selected as one of the 10 Grand prize winners. It has been an awesome experience working on this build and realized that its not always about the big or complicated solutions but the little unimaginable innovations are the ones that go a long way.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who encouraged, supported and expressed interest in the project. I hope to modify and make it economically viable to deploy as many as I can.

The project is opened sourced and free to everyone. If you interested in replicating it checkout the project details on Hackster. If you have suggestions, Ideas or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me. Let keep innovating and building to make the World a better place. Cheers

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